Noel Corrigan


After arriving to Canada from Ireland with a suitcase in hand, Noel founded the company in 1968 and has grown the company into Canada’s largest Union Millwork Installation Company. ¬†Noel completed his carpentry apprenticeship in Ireland and obtained his degree from the College of Technology, Dublin, Ireland. Noel’s reputation and work ethic speaks for itself and his company has provided successful service to the millwork industry for nearly 50 years. The Architecture across Ontario and Canada is full of Noel’s work, leaving a strong advertising campaign of what he is capable of accomplishing. The portfolio section of the website will showcase some of his works.

Noel takes pride in apprenticeship training and has developed many talented carpenters over the years. He was asked by the National Carpenters and Joiners Training Centre in Las Vegas to speak at an Apprenticehsip Conference to provide new members entering the trade a glimpse of what to expect from the industry.