Where to Find Us

22425 Jefferies Road, Unit 11B

RR#5 Komoka, Ontario

N0L 1R0


Office Telephone: 519.471.5784
Office Fax: 519.471.9853
Email: colleen@amdiinc.com


Noel Corrigan, President
c: 519.521.3563
e: noel@amdiinc.com
Robert Brdar, Project Manager
c: 519.521.3565
e: robert@amdiinc.com
Colleen Reeves, Vice President
c: 519.636.2954
e: colleen@amdiinc.com
Nahel Toma, Project Manager
c: 519.521.8977
e: nahel@amdiinc.com
Sandra Feenstra, Project Manager
c: 519.870.0190
e: sandra@amdiinc.com
Derek Reeves, Estimator/Health and Safety
c: 226.678.4719
e: estimating@amdiinc.com
e: derek@amdiinc.com
Rod Park, Equipment Coordinator
c: 519.902.1919
e: rod@amdiinc.com